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Page: How To Avoid Injury After 40

stairs-932806_1280Doctors and physical therapists warn patients directly and talk about the subject on their blogs: injury is more common after 40. This isn’t just fear-mongering. What sorts of injury are most common? Fractures are particularly common as a person ages because of decreasing bone mass. How can a person over the age of 40 reduce the chance of injury?

Prevent Falling

The best way to protect your self from fractures caused by falling is to not fall. While this sounds like common sense, people put themselves at risk all the time. They do not take care on slippery surfaces. Mats and rugs around the home aren’t secured on the floor with rubber backing. There are no railings on steep staircases. Poor lighting leads to mistakes.

Seeking Balance

An internal problem is poor balance but particular exercises mitigate the risk of losing your balance by teaching you how to support your core. During core-specific moves, you are encouraged to hold a difficult position by protecting your back, stomach, and floor muscles. A protected core makes you stronger and enhances balance.


Don’t get dizzy, something that happens when oxygen isn’t circulating properly through your body. Improve oxygen levels to the brain and circulation with stretching routines like yoga and Pilates. Take special note of breathing exercises which cause you to breathe more deeply and slowly. Identify sources of stress and eliminate or reduce them so your heart isn’t at risk and is pumping blood (plus oxygen) effectively.

Brain Food

Feed your brain with good food, stay hydrated, and look after your blood pressure. Forgetting to eat, skipping meals, or obtaining too little potassium could cause a drop in blood pressure and a fall you could have avoided. Potassium is present in foods like banana and tomatoes but also in supplements.

Support your Body with Food

Okay: so you fell in spite of doing everything you could to stay upright. It happens to the best of us, but after the age of 40 your risk of breaking a bone is much higher than it was ten years ago. How do you avoid injury?

Beautiful Bones

Maintain healthy bones and muscles with a lifestyle that includes exercise and good food. Foods rich in calcium, Vitamin D, and magnesium are particularly important for bone health. If you are not eating dairy, supplement with soy or almond milk. Choose leafy and dark greens like asparagus, kale, and seaweed for dinner. Avoid too much caffeine which causes you to pee and to lose some nutrition along the way.


Incorporate some impact into your exercise routine from running on a treadmill or some other forgiving surface. Hiking and even brisk walking also do you good. Build and support strong muscles with weight training moves.

Something Fishy

Fish is brain food, especially fatty fish. These contain omega-3 fatty acids essential to nerve, muscle, and brain health. If you can’t eat or dislike fish, choose flaxseed, olive, and grapeseed oils plus nuts and seeds. Sprinkle one of these ingredients onto a salad. Take a supplement to be sure you are getting enough and look after your brain.

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